About Your Paris Hair Stylist


      I moved to Paris for a year as I was finishing my International marketing degree. However, within my first week I met my now husband. We became friends and I fell madly in love with this French man. Consequently I decided to start my life in Paris and join my two loves : Hair and Paris! With over 10 years of experience I enjoy providing quality professional hair services for an international elite clientele as well as a wide range of clients for special events. As a free-lance Paris hair stylist, I come to the comfort of your venue, may it be your hotel room or rented venue for any special event : business meetings, soirees, photo shoots, weddings, press and fashion. I do often travel outside of Paris for events.

      Thank you for sticking around to hear a bit about my story. I really look forward to chatting about your moment of pampering.

      I am so happy that you have taken the time to visit my website! As you can see I love beauty, hair and all things stylish! As the only girl with four brothers and a mother who had no idea where to start with my wild hair, I visited the hair salon ritually every Saturday to tame the mane. I fell in love with the ambiance of styling hair, the craft, the art, the many textures and so much more. I would run home and try out everything I saw on my dolls and anyone who would let me play with their strands. At the age of 14 I begged my hair stylist and my mom to let work at the salon. I started off sweeping floors, shampooing and eye-balling the different techniques and by the age of 15 I was officially apprenticing and taking cosmetology courses in high school. At the age of 17 I received my cosmetology license and the journey began.


Feel free to send me an email for more information or you can contact me via my form here.