Life in Paris

Today is officially my favorite season… AUTUMN! I have been saying I would start writing again since I arrived in Paris and 4 1/2 years later so much has happened and yet nothing has been written down. I know, I know such a shame. However it can’t be too late « hein » (as the French say)? So this space will be used to write about all things hair, beauty, Paris and my life.


Hair, Beauty and Me

Crisp air, dewy light and hot chocolate are a few signs that autumn is here and that calls for a few changes in my life. More layers of clothing of course but a few added staples to my beauty bag. Take a look at those images posted and let’s go through them one by one. I am letting you in on some of my favorite beauty products for this fall.

Nars Iluminator

Although I love autumn, it does remind me that the countdown for the suns almost permanent winter vacation is on. All that natural glowy skin from summer will soon be long gone but this Nars illuminator is my secret weapon. It has a very lightweight serum like feel on the skin, the perfect amount of sparkle to create that glow (laguna is the darker color from the brand featured in picture), and takes two seconds to apply. I usually apply a small dab to my index finger and smudge it on one cheekbone blending it with my finger in a dab/roll with my finger and then repeat on the next cheekbone and dab a bit under the eyebrow bone for a little extra boom.

Okay so this has to be my favorite mascara so far. I tried this by accident to be honest. I had never heard of the brand Ellis Faas but I styled hair for a bloggers event this year and the event planners were Dutch and gave me a goodie bag of all things Dutch and this was inside. Mascara Ellis FaasWell they changed my life without even knowing it. You are probably thinking it does not take much to change my life and you are completely right, I am a simple lady :). I do not want to go on and on but it leaves lashes soft, the brush picks up every lash even those baby rebel lashes that always seem to want to abandon the family. After one coat you can already feel the wow moment happening and when you keep coating it gets even better and the cool packaging seals the deal. Check them out at If you are in Paris the boutique E-clat sells this brand.

With dryer weather and the wind picking up moisture is essentiel for those strands that have spent the last few months basking in the sun. After your usual wash and conditioner add extra food for the hair with this leave in spray. A few sprays go a long way and it is cream based so it smooths the hair shaft just enough. Adding moisture while the hair is wet is essentiel to having those strands soak it all in. Your hair is porous and the cuticle is open when it is wet soHair Productit absorbs this product perfectly. This can be used with any style (blow-out, slick back pony, twist-out, braids, ect). They market it as a miracle product and I do not refute that statement.

Can I get moment of silence for the natural beauty wonders that coconut oil provides! Thank you, let us proceed to the following breakdown.

You can moisturize you body head to toe including your face with coconut oil. It gives touchable skin, heals cracks and sensitive skin due to dry patches. Softens cuticles.

Nourishes hair – Try this…The day before wash day for all hair textures smooth coconut oil on the ends of your hair and work your way up to the mid-shaft. Let it marinate either all day if you have your hair up in a bun or ponytail or at night while you sleep. When you wash your hair and condition with your usual conditioner you will join in the moment of silence. You are very welcome 🙂

Smooth around edges to get the chic slick back look.

You can even make your own body exfoliant with this. I will share my personal mixture in a future post.