Tips & Stories From Your Paris Hair Stylist

Five Wedding hair tips from your Paris hair stylist

wedding paris hairstylist

1. Find at least two or three inspiration photos of hairstyles that make you glee with joy. This will ease the communication process of trying to describe what kind of style you desire. If you are wearing a veil or a hair accessory try to find hairstyles that work with the type of veil you have and accessories.

2. Once having contacted a stylist, take a look at her work, is it versatile? Does he or she stick to one type of style? These days brides have entered the modern world and are adopting trendy red carpet looks as bridal looks. You want a stylist who is well versed in diverse approaches and capable of recreating any look.

3. Stay within your comfort zone concerning your make-up and hairstyle. You want to feel your very best, an enhanced version of your everyday self. These will be photos that you will share with family, friends, and maybe your future children. Choosing your hairstyle and makeup is very much like choosing your dress; you want to be as beautiful as the stars’ twinkle and yet have the most satisfying style as if it was meant to be. This is why a trial run is highly recommended to assure the bride that everything will come together perfectly.

4. Two to three days before your trial run/wedding day treat your tresses to a hair mask or overnight conditioning treatment. (Hair mask for fine hair, overnight treatment for thick textured hair) The camera and your tresses will sing your praises after this rich protein treatment, which boosts shine and smoothness, without weighing your hair down. Always remember to rinse any conditioning treatment with lukewarm water or cool water.

*A secret to glossy hair is a salon clear gloss/glaze treatment. This 20-minute treatment closes the hair cuticle resulting in a smooth surface that reflects more light. It even reduces frizz as the hair cuticle is sealed and will refresh your current color, gone are the days of dull lifeless hair.

5. On your big day plan at least an hour’s time between when your glam squad (hair and makeup) will have finished your pre-wedding preparations, until the ceremony. You do not want to rush! I repeat you do not want to rush; you need the time to gently slip into your dress, ease into your shoes and reflect on those next few special minutes before you step before your groom.